Squeeze Me



Introduced in 2012, was very well received. It has a 2-mirror, polyangular system with an unusual third side made of a flexible reflective material. A smooth wooden toggle on the side of the barrel is used to adjust the angle of the mirrors. I really enjoyed bending traditional kaleidoscope construction yet again — SQUEEZE ME continues the journey I started with Parasol imagery.


Lampwork and dichroic glass are used to make striking images.

Lampworking is a type of glasswork that has a long history from the Mediterranean region where a torch or lamp is primarily used to melt the glass. Once in a molten state, the glass is formed by blowing and shaping with tools and hand movements. It is also known as flameworking or torchworking. Many hours are devoted to choosing the colors and creating custom glass pieces for the image. Dichroic glass is made by fuming various metals onto the surface of the glass and the result is glass that create flashes of color in the image.

Why are kaleidoscopes so fascinating?

There are many possible answers to this question, one in particular I found  fascinating. Kaleidoscopes are incomplete art, the artist can do all that they can to fashion a scope but the viewer will continue the artistic expression as they rotate the cell with custom glass and form new images.


What is so cool about a polyangular scope?

The mirrors provide yet another variety of creation as the user can change the angles of the mirrors in relation to each other (hence many angles or polyangular). This provides many different possible points of the image with one kaleidoscope.


The kaleidoscope barrel.

All of this is held together with a wooden sculptural case made of Maple and Cherry woods. All the design and fabrication of the wooden parts takes place in my studio. To highlight the woods natural beauty, a hand-rubbed, oil finish is applied and then buffed to give a delightfully smooth feel.


I am offering three different mirror configurations, all with the polyangular mirror mechanism.


SQUEEZE ME,. The image has a crisp clean center star and the outside of the image has a wonderful dreamy or watery look.

Bold: Introduced in 2012 and has been a favorite with many folks.

Wispy: Has lots of clear glass with filaments of color glass over laying each other.


SQUEEZE ME CRINKLE, Is the same as Squeeze Me. The difference is the third side is made of a wrinkled reflective material giving the image around the center mandala a crinkled look with lots of color flashes in unexpected places.


Winter: Lots of cool colors creates a sense of ice and snow.

Summer: Plenty of warm and hot colors mixed with other lively colors.


STAR CHAMBER, A star shape floating in a long reflective tube with hints of the star emerging along the chamber. The star still uses the polyangular mirror system with a toggle to change the points of the star. This scope needs a lot of light on the image cell and then the depth of the image really opens up.


Fire Star: Warm colors gives this image a look of a inferno. Very fitting for a star.

Northern Star: Cool colors brings to mind nights up north when the air is crisp.


Selling for $350, Squeeze Me is available in our online store.

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