Bio and Statement: Brian and Eric Gold

Brian Gold - Copy

Brian Gold

Eric Gold - Copy

Eric Gold

Brothers Brian and Eric have been working together on artistic projects for over 50 years.  Brian taught photography, painting and digital graphic art in England or nearly 30 years and Eric has been engraving art in metal for nearly 40 years.  They now call themselves “BroMacHiens” and produce what they call “New Vintage Machines”. i.e. a hand cranked pencil sharpener with over 150 parts and 11 different mechanical movements including flapping wings and working bellows.

“‘Searching the Horizon’ is our first collaboration with another artist and we consider it a great success.  Our machined parts and hand fitted mechanical assemblies work very well with the textures of wood and glass and the craftsmanship and artistic sense that Steve brought to this joint effort.  I believe we have created a unique, best quality kaleidoscope for the discerning collector.”

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