Bio and Artist Statement: Steven Gray

Steven’s love of wood began when he would make trips to his grandfathers’s wood shop.  Intrigued with the smell of the lumber, poking around in all the small parts drawers and handling the tools that his grandfather used on the lathe congealed his enthusiasm.  Over the years, Steve has contributed to woodworking magazines, demonstrated and taught wood turning and kaleidoscope making, his work has been featured in national and international exhibits.  Steve’s kaleidoscopes are now represented in galleries in both the United States and Japan.

Steven J Gray

Steven J Gray

“The end result of my creative process tends to end up with optics, wood and a gizmo of some sort.  I have always wondered what it is that I’m really trying to create.  To this end I see that I am fascinated by old world instruments, inventions, the passion and genius that made them (it seems as though I’m late by a century or two).  When I look into the design process I am wanting to share these interests with others by tempting them to participate in the intrigue.  Teaming up with the Gold brothers has added a wonderful new dimension to what we are able to create.”

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