Artist Statement

Steve Gray’s love of wood began when he would make trips to his grandfather’s wood shop.  There he has fond memories of smelling the Black Walnut lumber, poking around in all the small parts drawers and handling the tools that his grandfather used on the lathe.  Steve bought his first lathe in 1976 and started making spinning wheels, furniture and cabinets.  In 1982, he rediscovered kaleidoscopes and sold his scope creations at craft fairs where they were enthusiastically received.  Over the years Steve has contributed to woodworking magazines, demonstrated and taught wood turning and kaleidoscope making and his work has been featured in national and international exhibits.  Steve’s kaleidoscopes are now represented in galleries in both the United States and Japan.

“I see kaleidoscopes as a symbol for my life in many ways. Scopes are a very special blending of optics, gadgets and woodworking and they draw together my interests and my passions.  I am forever fascinated by the patterns created by the arrangement of the mirrors.  The mystique that lies on the other side of the mirrors’ reflection is distilled and intensified in a kaleidoscope.  The reflections in my kaleidoscopes are reflections of my life and I continue to be intrigued with the practice of creating these images.”

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