Infinite Parallel Universes

Infinite Parallel Universes 1What if there are other universes out there with similar arrangements? The image has spheres floating in a dark void giving the viewer a sense of cosmic orbs repeating the image into the vastness below and to the sides. This is enclosed in a curious multi media sculpture..

An important part of my design process is to cerate a sense of mystery that invites a bystander to participate in the experience of the sculpture. To help create this intrigue, I’ve combined a number of finishes to create an aged look of antiquity on some of the metal parts in sharp contrast with the rich luster of the exotic wood and highly polished brass. The openness of the filigree metal parts give the sculpture both a fantasy creature look combined with a mechanical feel. This edition is limited t 5 pieces.

Infinite Parallel Universes Detail 1

Infinite Parallel Universes Image 4

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