Reflections of a Parasol

“Reflections of a Parasol” limited edition of 25 kaleidoscopes.


I have been excited with my reentry into the realm of kaleidoscopes and grateful for the support and acceptance of my new artwork. As I was designing scopes this year I looked back at images and scopes that I was particularly fond of. The one mirror arrangement that has been constantly fascinating is the Parasol (so named since the image is a wide cone shape and as in the parasol/sun umbrella and they tend to be colorful). Consequently the name “Reflections of a Parasol” came about as I reflected upon the scopes of the past to help design new ones.


I used the Parasol mirror system with a bit of a twist to it. With the new set up I turned the mirrors 90 degrees to look through the side to view the image cones in a descending order through the middle and off to the sides. The visual effect is dramatic as there is a beautiful mandala image directly in front of the viewer with a strong peripheral vision and lots of depth.

The image is formed with custom made lampwork and dichroic glass suspended in a viscous liquid. The cell is lit with an internal light source, side lit from an external light or a combination of the two. The result is a engaging mandala with shapes, solids, twists with flashes of light from the dichroic glass all floating through the image. Because of the complexity of the mirror system the scope needs a bright light source, this is achieved with internal LED lights that can be dimmed to suite the viewer’s desires.


One of the design elements that I love to work on is the way all of the elements are held together. I can let my imagination go wild on the woodwork that supports the mirrors and image. The scope’s sculptural outside is carved with a combination of techniques including the wood lathe, band saw and sander to achieve an interesting and unusual tactual quality. I have used woods that contrast and compliment each other, Birds Eye Maple with figured Black Walnut and African Blackwood details. Hand rubbed and buffed oil finish to bring out the natural beauty of the wood.


I have toughly enjoyed designing and creating “Reflections of a Parasol” edition. It is my wish that others will also benefit from the unique experience this scope provides.


Reflections of a Parasol – Features and Specs


•  Edition of 25 Scopes 10” deep X 12” tall X 8” wide.

•  Birds Eye Maple, Figured Black Walnut and African Blackwood. Hand rubbed and buffed oil finish.

•  Sculptural outside is carved with a combination of techniques including the wood lathe, band saw and sander to achieve an interesting and unusual tactual quality.

•  5 mirror system, one mirror (the viewing side) is 50% reflective.

•  Liquid filled image cell with lampwork glass and dichroic glass. Back and side light with a black background giving the lampwork glass a strong contrast.

•  Built in LED lighting, on, off and dimming. The scope can also be lit with an external light source or a combo of both.

•  The image is borrowed from the Parasol series and then viewed from the side of the parasol.

•  Image is very bright and has the illusion of repeating the image as it cascades down and away from the viewer. The image also repeats many times on the left side then down and away.

•  A strong 3 dimensional image.


“People’s Choice Award 2012”

Currently available in select galleries.  Call for availability.

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