Whirling Fantasies

Whirling Fantasies

Created for 2013, I am honored to present a signed open edition using an elegantly simple kinetic apparatus to generate images for three different teleidoscopes. Every sculpture in the edition is made of unusual highly figured wood giving each one a distinctive signature.




I have always been fascinated by the wonderful tactical and visual sensations available in fabric. Presenting various iridescent satins with a carefully chosen palette of colors for the teleidoscopes to focus on generates a uniquely rich image. The rippled fabric on the spinning turntable creates expanding and condensing imagery. Three scopes, three wildly different visual interpretations of the same material.


3 Teleidoscopes

 A teleidoscope is a kind of kaleidoscope, with a lens that focuses on objects outside the instrument, that combined with a mirror system forms a kaleidoscopic pattern.


1 – 5 point two mirror system with many sizes of lenses to focus on the fabric. I call the image “Ooey Gooey” and it produces a bubbly look.

2 – Double line of rectangle images creating a chorus line effect. Three sides of mirror and the forth side of fabric with a crystal ball for a lens.

3 – Three mirrors with one narrow angle creating two main mandala with the same image repeated in the peripheral vision.




Artistic Expression

 A successful design combines smooth operation with sculptural integrity that is pleasing to the touch and eye. The biggest challenge in designing this edition was pulling all of the elements, the image, how the various mirrors work with the image, barrels, frame, turntable and the sculpture that holds everything together in a cohesive plan. I really get a kick out of re-interpreting the standard elements of a kaleidoscope and standing them on end.


The scope works well on a stand or small table so it can be viewed by three people at once. Approximately 20” x 20” x 20”


Whirling Fantasies is available in several different wood combinations at our online store.


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