“Squeeze Me!” Kaleidoscope

SQUEEZE ME is Steven Gray’s first kaleidoscope in more than twenty years! The maple and cherry woods have a hand-rubbed, oil finish that bring out the grains of the wood and offer an incredibly soft feel. Steve’s work is always innovative, and SQUEEZE ME is true to that legacy.

It has a 2-mirror, polyangular system with a smooth wooden toggle on the side of the barrel that is used to adjust the angle of the mirrors. Incredibly, the mandala at its widest is 5 points, and with a simple squeeze the image tightens to many more points. The liquid cell holds a variety of lamp worked glass – pastels to primary colors – creating dynamic, vibrant images. On its stand, it measures 10 1/2″ high and 8″ deep.

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  1. Hi Steve,

    I really love your work! Jennifer Mackey and I are checking out your kaleidoscopes and think that you should try to sell some of it to a Steampunk site or something of those sorts. I think they would really dig your style! Keep up the amazing work!

    Best regards,
    Aubrey Schooley

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