The mirror system is a combination of a fisheye lens, reflective tubing and an equilateral mirror arrangement.

PeepsFor an image there is a kaleidoscopic sphere, floating in a colorful array of light flashes. A very different look for a reflective pattern.

Object case is liquid filled, side lit, black or white background cell with a combination of beads, lampwork and colored wire.

The outside of the scope features a turning cell end with hand turned exotic hardwoods buffed to accent the wood grain.

Peeps image Cheery-2 ½ inches diameter by 4 ½ inches long.

-A wooden stand is included with the scope.

-Open Edition

  • Bloodwood, Wenge with a Maple stand, black background cell. (***Sold Out***)
  • Maple, figured Walnut with a Walnut Stand, white background cell.
  • Fumed Cherry with a Cherry stand, white background cell.

At our online store the maple and cherry Peeps models are available starting at the price of $220.

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