BubblelushishBubbelushishMapleCherry (1)

– Bubblelushish is available in two different wood combinations:

  • Maple with Walnut ends
  • Cherry with Walnut ends

-2 mirror system, 5 point star, third side black

-Chorus Line

– 2 1/2“ diameter by 8 ½” long

– This teleidoscope is quite different in that many lenses of various sizes are moving in a partially filled liquid cell.

BubbelushishChorusLine (70)– The cell is held in a turning head that reorients the numerous lenses in the kaleidoscopic pattern.

– The image (taken from the environment) produces a gooey and bubbly effect that appears elastic and will surprise the viewer as it moves in unexpected ways.

– The image is paired with either a two mirror system that creates a 5 point star with the third side black or a three mirror right angel system that creates a chorus line effect, again the forth side is black.

– Hand turned on the lathe the body of the scope is made from beautiful domestic woods.  The wood is then oiled and then buffed to bring out the woods natural splendor.  A wooden stand is provided for each scope.

Bubblelushish is avilable for purchase at our online store for $195.

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