Dragon’s Lair

· “Dragon’s Lair” an edition limited to only 5 Kaleidosculptures.

· For the sculpture I’ve used mixed media, designed and made with exotic woods, filigreed steel and brass designs, copper, glass, mirror, acrylic and found objects.

· Placing transparent items inside reflective surfaces creates a lens effect, pulling the flashes and flairs from the dichroic material to create an otherworldly image. As the design unfolded the image developed and became more refined.

· The use of magnets creates a seemingly magical force the hand cranked drive wheel imparts to the image head. Also, optional filters are held in place with magnets.

· Approximately 18” tall, 11” wide and 19” deep.

· Each sculpture is signed and numbered.

· I am proud to present this sculpture for your consideration.

Dragon’s Lair is available for purchase at our online store.

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